Relax and Let God


Pastor Jordan
Barbara Buller

Dr. Jordan

Senior Pastor

Barbara Buller

Staff Secretary

What We Do

Teach the Word of God.  Our pastors teach the Word of God. Pastor Jordan diligently studies the Scriptures in order to ascertain the truth revealed in God’s Word. He teaches the Bible line by line, precept upon precept as the Scriptures have instructed us to do. Isaiah 28:10 (NASB) “For He says, ‘Order on order, order on order, Line on line, line on line, A little here, a little there.'” 

Balancing God’s Word.  Attempt to balance teaching God’s Word with social activities with the intention of bringing the body of believers closer together as believers in Christ.

Pray For and With You.  Offer encouragement through any difficulties or burdens you may have.

Provide Instruction. Through the teaching of God’s Word, you can then call upon those scriptures in the various situations you face every day.

Application of Bible Doctrine. Application of Bible Doctrine to everyday life situations is an important element in the learning process that God the Father has designed to help us grow closer to His beloved Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Children’s Ministries. Provide oversight for the children’s ministries and activities ensuring they have the opportunity come to know the truth of salvation through faith alone, in Christ alone and ensuring continued growth in Christ after they have accepted Him as their personal savior.

Our Administrative Staff. Assists and supports the pastors and leaders of the church. They will be your first point of contact when you call or come to the church.  Both Melaine and Barbara are friendly, helpful and well-informed. They will be able to answer any questions you may have or point you in the right direction.

Invitation to You. Come and join our assembly as we continually strive to please God the Father and glorify His Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.