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sign ministry team

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Welcome to the Dale City Baptist Church (DCBC) Sign Ministry!  Please watch for messages and announcements as we believe DCBC will be a Church Family that can share, engage and bless the surrounding community, those traveling by or those who wish to talk with us or make a visit to our Church.  All are invited and we will strive through the Sign Ministry to ensure all our neighbors feel welcome to worship, seek help, or join us in our many activities.  

Sign Ministry Mission Statement: Through our electronic message board, we are reaching out to the local community to share scripture, announce exciting events, and broadcast worship opportunities.  It is our prayer, that our electronic Sign will be a valuable arm of outreach to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all who pass by, day or night, in view of our Sign.  May our community, and all who pass by, find our sign to be a beacon of light and encourage them in their daily spiritual battles.